FELiZ URBANISMO presentation in Barcelona

On December 4, 2013, Esteban Pardo on behalf of PlayArquitectura participated in the Technical Conference on Urbanism and Passivhaus held in Barcelona at the Official College of Architects of Catalonia, offering a presentation on the application of the Passivhaus standard in Urbanism entitled Happy Urbanism:

The conference focused on the commitment that urban planning must assume with building standards with almost zero energy consumption and with the challenges of energy rehabilitation of the Built Heritage.

Examples such as the General Municipal Plan of Villamediana de Iregua, which establishes the Passivhaus standard as a mandatory standard in all new public buildings of new construction, as well as for the 10% of new homes that are planned on the developable land, and the PGOU of Hontanares de Eresma, which already provides in its regulations the possibility of Energetically Rehabilitating Existing Buildings on the outside by increasing the constructed area, opens a hopeful path in the field of Urban Planning with respect to sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings.