PlayArquitectura Presentation 5th Spanish Passivhaus Conference

On October 17, PlayArquitectura participated in the 5th Spanish Passivhaus Conference held in Gijón, offering a presentation on the application of the Passivhaus standard in Urbanism entitled Happy Urbanism:

Urban planning can and must regain its role as a responsible territorial and urban planning tool, based on a balance between the three axes that define sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

The new framework of Directive 2010/31 / EU, popularly known as 20 20 20, opens a new hopeful stage for urban planning, by promoting the implementation of the typology of "buildings with almost zero energy consumption", whose most exponent Relevant is the Passivhaus standard.

Within this regulatory framework, and taking advantage of the resources provided by urban planning, some municipalities of La Rioja have proposed to advance the fulfillment of the objectives set for the year 2020, setting an example of a responsible attitude committed to sustainability.

This commitment has been embodied in the General Municipal Plan of Villamediana de Iregua, which was definitively approved in June 2013, establishing the Passivhaus standard that is mandatory in all newly created public buildings and in the 10 % of all new homes planned in the buildable sectors. At the same time, some weighting coefficients have been foreseen for the uses of the Passivhaus standard, which compensate the extra costs that this typology may have in its construction, making it urbanistically equal to the rest.