Pomona Lleida House

Single Family House Lleida

Pomona House

Single family Lleida

The Pomona house was born from the illusion of a family of 5 members with a clear awareness of sustainability and that aspires to have a home with the best benefits of comfort, habitability and environmental quality.

Casa Passivhaus Lleida Casa Passivhaus Lleida Casa Passivhaus Lleida Casa Passivhaus Lleida Casa Passivhaus Lleida

The house is distributed on one floor with a constructed area of 275 m2, of which 200 m2 are used for housing and 75 m2 are used for garage and office. The house is organized around a patio that allows combining the solar orientation, with the views towards the center of the town and the views towards the garden of the plot. The housing program is made up of a first section for a living room, dining room, kitchen, a second section for a multipurpose room and hall, a third section for service areas, and a fourth section for bedrooms. Each of the bodies has a roof with a different slope and the sum of them generates a very characteristic profile.
The house has been designed according to the Passivhaus standard and has been built with a light wooden framework on a reinforced concrete slab. At the same time, it has also been ensured that all materials placed on site are of low incorporated energy and free of formaldehydes, and for this a sate has been executed with wood fiber and lime mortar as an exterior finish, wood carpentry has been placed aluminum with triple glazing and the interior coatings will be ecological are wood and natural stone. Prior to the start of the work, a Feng-Shui and Geo-Biological study was carried out and some changes were made to the interior distribution and to shield all the interior electrical conduits.
The expected result is a construction with a very low CO2 footprint, designed and built with respect for the environment and the environment, and which distills the illusion and strength of its users.