Blower Door passed in Lleida

On December 5, the first Blowerdoor in the construction phase of the Eco-Passivhaus «Casa Pomona» located in Ivars d'Urgell, Lleida, was passed and a result of 0.11 h-1 was obtained. The construction of this single-family house of almost 300 m2 has been carried out with a light wooden framework finished internally with OSB class 4 and externally on the facades with a wood fiber SATE and lime mortar and on the roof with mixed tile on double layered. The joinery has been solved with Unione wood-aluminum profiles and Griesser Lamisol-type solar protections.

This good result is the result of great work by the construction company Jesfer, the Blas Recio e Hijos carpentry company, the Badia Energies facilities company and the management team. From Play Arquitectura we want to congratulate all the agents involved and the owners Gemma and Xavier for their patience and good management. Thank you for betting on such a sustainable architecture.